Your adventure starts early.

Since 2009, over 17,000 early-rising professionals have roamed the “halls” of Morning University of Marunouchi (MUM). Factor in the number of course sessions, and you have over 60,000 times that Tokyo’s most ambitious, social, and diverse population has made the decision to start their day just a little bit earlier – and together.

Your time is precious, so instead of just working for time off, make the first hour of the day meaningful in a way that colors all twenty-four.

With courses being held before work hours in a variety of cafes, businesses, restaurants, educational institutes, and unique spaces throughout the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho districts surrounding Tokyo station, MUM is a community-driven, integrated approach to learning and social design striving to redefine the traditional model of “education”.

Providing a diverse population with the opportunity to learn, not only “from”, but “with” other ambitious, creative, and experienced individuals, transforming the experience not into mere knowledge, but into action, MUM programs are designed around forming communities and utilizing the metropolis’ most invaluable and powerful resource – its people – turning ambition and collaboration into the real-world tools needed for social change. There exists no social, cultural, or language barriers for individuals with goals, and there is no better way to reach those goals than by leveraging the power of a diverse community with unique skills, perspectives, and experiences.

At the Morning University of Marunouchi we recognize that business, art, travel, work, entertainment, and play are all equally important, and aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re one in the same – and they’re all more fun together.

So rise and shine, because the early bird… well, you know.

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