Privacy Policy

The Morning University of Marunouchi Planning Committee(referred to henceforth as, 'The University'), as well as any and all cooperating content providers (referred to henceforth as, 'The Providers'), pledge to comply with and adhere to the standards outlined in the following Privacy Policy as they pertain to the handling of personal information collected as part of the student and/or prospective student (collectively referred to henceforth as, 'The User') engaging in the course registration process through regular use of this site managed by The University (referred to henceforth as, 'The Site'), and will implement appropriate measures within the power of The University in order to assure safe, reasonable management and handling of said information.

Purpose of Use

Personal information collected from The User by The University and/or The Providers is to be utilized solely for the purpose of providing The User with information deemed to be necessary and/or useful by the The University, and/or requested specifically by The User, such as MUM Mail Magazine, or other informative content of such nature in line with standard management and operation of The University. Should The University wish to utilize personal information obtained about The User for purposes which extend beyond those outlined within this Privacy Policy, The University will first notify The User, clearly stating the intention of use, and obtain consent for the use of said information prior to pursuing the associated actions as stated by The University.

The University will also strictly adhere to these purposes of use pertaining to the handling of personal information when entrusting duties to other related departments and/or companies working with The University.

Should The User submit a request to confirm information about, revise, have deleted from record, or any other such actions associated with The University's handling of The User's personal information, The University will promptly comply with and process such requests to the best of its ability.

Safe Handling of Personal Information

The University, as well as The Providers, will exercise the utmost care in order to prevent the loss, damage, falsification, unauthorized disclosure, or any other innapropriate handling of personal information.

Information Disclosure to Third Parties

Neither The University, nor The Providers, will provide any personal information to any unauthorized third party without the direct, explicit consent of The User with whom which that personal information is associated.

However, note that there exist cases of exception where The University may share personal information without the consent of The User to whom which the personal information pertains in order to act in legal compliance. (see: Personal Information Protection Law, Article 23, Clauses 1-4)

Personal Information Disclosure and/or Amendment

The User has the right to make direct requests pertaining to the amendment of, and/or management over the degree of disclosure of any part of his/her personal information as it is associated with The University and/or any of The University's assocaited course content.


The Site may occassionally contain links to external websites. Neither The University, nor The Providers, are in any way responsible for nature of the content contained within those sites, nor are these two entities required to, or responsible for, adhering to the standards outlined in any of those sites as they pertain to privacy policy or the handling of personal information.

Note that The University and/or The Providers have the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without any form of notification in order to best ensure the protection of The Users' personal information, or in order to comply with the enactment of related laws and ordinances. Also, in the event that there exists an error, typo, misprint, etc. in any of the text and/or content listed on and/or expressed within The Site, The University and The Providers shall bear no responsibility whatsoever. The University, and/or The Providers, also maintain the right to edit, amend, and/or alter any content and/or text included as part of The Site at any time at the discretion of The University and/or The Providers without any sort of prior notification.

*Operation of the "Morning EXPO" (i.e. "Asa EXPO") is managed by the Morning University of Marunouchi Planning Committee.

Morning University of Marunouchi Planning Committee
March 8, 2011

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